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What is Great Wine

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This has to be considered from the winery owner point of view and the consumers point of view. To many times winery’s release a wine because it finished its production and aging process, though tweaked along the way, you have to wonder if they really tasted the wine.

The consumer has to like the wine to create the demand for the wine that will boost your need to produce a greater volume of wine. Granted all consumers have different tastes and different taste buds then out of the pack come some stand out wines. You may learn about these wines from insider sources such as the Wine Enthusiast, the Robb Report or CNBC. There may be a person who gives the wine a rating. If you are going off a wine rating be sure that you know who offered the rating, was it the mom of the winemaker or a well established national authority. These tips and clues will help the consumer find great wine.

There was a time when you only drank wine from a bottle that had a cork in it. Times are changing and millennials are more practical. All they want is good wine, how the bottle is sealed is not relevant because they are not going to let the bottle sit around and age for 6 years in the bottle, they want to drink it now.

The winemaker has a huge responsibility to make the wine taste good. The winemaker has to answer to the owner if the batch is botched! Some claim that if the wine is made in smaller batches it may taste better at the end, instead of making 10,000 gallons all at once with hopes of a brilliant outcome.

You will find that some wineries have good winemakers and rain or shine year after year they always make great wine. These may be the wineries that you will want to join their wine club. Wine clubs are organized to offer benefits to the wine club members, be sure to discover the benefits of joining your favorite wine club.

Winery owners want to hire good winemakers to produce good wine so the consumer will demand the product. The consumer is looking for some wine that tastes good to them for the purpose of supplying the pleasure associated with drinking wine during their moments of leisure, meals or relaxation.

The consumer may find the wine to be too sweet, to tart, to bitter, to dry, to fruity. The winemaker needs to hit a certain mark for that label so that there is an element of consistency with each years production. If you drink the wine and immediately start coughing, this could be a clue that this wine is not for you.

There are two camps of wine drinkers, those that prefer white wine and those that prefer red wine. From that choice you may experience the flavors of citrus, apples, grapefruit, blueberry, chocolate, cherries, coffee, leather, plumb. Then you need to decide if you like your wine aged in a wood barrel or in a stainless steel tank. The type of aging, the kind of wood and the amount of toast to the wood are all important facts that influence greatly the final flavor to the consumer.

Wine paring speaks to finding a wine that complements or adds dimension to the type of food that you are going to eat while consuming the wine. Don’t read too much into this. There are national experts that can look at a seafood and vegetable dish and hit the nail on the head of exactly what wine white or red goes best with that style of seafood dish. Bingo what a heightened pleasure when they get it right!