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Steven Pybrum CEO

wine and beer expert

It started in College and maybe a few beers in high school. Over time you develop taste buds that can decern a good glass of wine or a good glass of ice-cold beer. The beer in college after a hard day’s work at Granite Construction Company tasted very good and refreshing. The wine appetite started at about age 28 when we quit drinking bulk wine. Then blind tastings of red and white wine to see out of a group of six, who chose what and for what reason. Then later on some wine blending classes. Then I guided tours for; clients, movie industry people, athletes, to the California wine regions. now a full blown connoisseur of fine wine and delicious beer.


Steven Pybrum CEO

Canberra Company is an industry leader in guiding people that own wineries and breweries. We are tax specialists that turned to business operations and for me it was immediately to the blossoming winery and brewery businesses in California that I turned my talents toward.

Most winery and brewery owners have said that they learned more in 10 minutes from us than they have learned from their current advisors in the last five years.

We are thorough, precise and diligent in our pursuits of our client’s happiness. We can analyze your operations and give you feedback that will help you out perform the competition.

Your organization needs sharp tax people, we have them. Your management team needs to be spruced up and your operations need to execute with precision, we can help.

We are happy friendly people. Give us a call and we will come meet you in your office and explain to you how we can help your business grow bigger.

Pybrum is a tax specialist who branched out into business operations, management teams, management structures and business growth strategies to help client businesses grow rapidly. Pybrum is nationally recognized as a financial services superstar. 

With over 30 years of business experience in helping businesses succeed, Pybrum is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in business administration and MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Steve and his wife live in Montecito, California and they both enjoy the gym, golf, tennis and other outdoor activities.

Give us a call and we can introduce you to our team of professional and MBA’s that can help smooth out your business operations and can show you how to improve your distribution and sales.